It is now the right climate to come clean about our industry as a whole, but specifically to point out a very toxic personality who has perpitrated an egregious amount of harm over the course of many years;

Christian XXX.

From the earliest days of trans porn's foray into mainstream awareness, (2005-2007) Christian XXX has made a conscientious effort to abuse as many people in our field as possible.

We as trans performers trade our stories about Christian XXX on set, in our homes, behind the scenes, through social media and resign ourselves as helpless under a performer who has convinced several generations of girls that he yields the power to make or break careers.

Twice I have tried to come forward with my story as well as invite other girls to share their experiences to no avail. Twice, girls would relate their stories in private but ask not to be revealed. Twice, a small but vocal group of supporters of Christian XXX would lambaste my efforts.

It is a new age. The time of the independent content creator, the artist, the performer is now. No longer are conglomerates and corporations who enable and shield a toxic work environment, a necessary evil.

Abuse is being reported and atoned for in virtually every facet of the entertainment industry. The adult entertainment industry should be no different. There is nothing inherent in sex work that dictates abuse ought to be a mandatory working condition. I implore you to make your voice heard. Send your stories to Jamie French at: or Stefani Special at:

Click the links below for accounts of abuse by Christian XXX, Rad Rascal, Lewis Andy, Lily Cade, Psychothrillers, Nica Noelle and other abusers as they are presented in upcoming testimonials.

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other and let others know that you are no longer going to tolerate abuse.

Jamie French

Click any name to read their story. If you've been abused, please speak out.

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