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Sydney Farron

IHi Jamie! I want to start by saying thank you for telling your story. Too often do we think we're alone or being unprofessional calling someone out for bad behavior. Hope this helps with outting him as the shitty human he is. 

My interaction with Christian XXX started last year late in it, I saw he was working with all body types and trans girls too so I followed him and almost immediately got a "hey" DM, I didn't respond because I don't respond to single word messages. Probably around June a BBW preformer tweeted asking about people who shot with BBWs and I said he did, he again, immediately said hey and since I had just acquired some debt from a surgery and car accident I decided I'd take the bait and respond. He complimented me and asked if I'd be open to shooting with him and that he would take care of everything, flight, food, hotel and it would be paid. I gladly said yes and asked what he would like to shoot, he wanted 2 sex scenes and a POV bj for $700 and that he was sorry the amount was so low but I accepted anyways. I decided the exposure was also an amount of compensation and that the $700 would be helpful. I asked when and he said he was traveling so he'd have to see. A month went by so I messaged him again saying something along the lines of hope the trip went well, any idea what days we could shoot, he said he was still traveling. I didn't understand why him traveling meant he couldn't look at a calendar and thought it was weird but waited more anyways. When he got around to asking dates they were right next to a convention in nj that I was attending and since conventions are known to get people sick I asked about a week after for safety just incase and he said it was the only time possible for who knows how long so I agreed, gave him info, he bought the flight and told me how he can't wait to fuck me. I wondered if it was just something people say in the industry even if it felt unprofessional and shrugged it off saying same. I asked if he knew what hotel he would have me stay in, I thought since he does this fairly often he probably has some go to's but he had no clue. I thought again it was weird that he was so lacks about making plans but again let it slide. A few weeks before we were supposed to shoot I asked if he had any requests for me to bring anything outfit/makeup wise or shave my underarms and his response was, for sure this time unprofessional and rude too. 
"Wait what? ...okay I'll bite. Why wouldn't you shave your armpits? It's 2017"
I responded a little pissed but tried to be short as to not blow up on him "because it's 2017 and women can do what we want with our bodies now. I'll take that response as a shave them" 
He responded only with "Ugh"
I was very offended and confused. Did he not know I had arm pit hair? Did he not look at my pictures before booking me or hitting on me? Was he always this unprofessional? I waited to respond  till the next day because I did want to work with him and thought maybe my tone was off, I'll try again in the morning so we both have time to cool off and not say anything we don't mean to.
"Sorry if the tone in that message was off but I was surprised you didn't know I had hairy underarms, here is a picture I posted to twitter not too long ago. I can and have shaved them for scenes before so just let me know if you'd still like to shoot with me"
He responded "It sounds like you don't want to work with me. I've shot over 3000 scenes in 15 years and not one of the performers had hairy armpits" 
This made it sound like he wanted me to beg to work with him and I was not about to do that after he insulted me and women as a whole I told him "I understand it's not common and especially in the adult industry. It sounds like this wouldn't work out for us so I'm going to have to cancel our shoot." He responded "So you're going to pay me back for that plane ticket?" I freaked out because I've never been in this type of situation before and realized that no matter what I was going to stay professional, if anyone saw these messages they would realize who was in the wrong. Luckily a friend told me if there was nothing legal holding you accountable for paying for it, you didn't have to. So I told him "Since there was no discussion or signed agreement about paying back the ticket if for any reason I wasn't able to make the flight, I will not be paying it. Sorry"
His response was "HA" and "that's funny" at which point I blocked him. If he couldn't take a professional response then there was no reason to argue more with him. I thought about tagging him in a post that day saying how shitty he was for insulting me, being rude and extremely unprofessional but normally I think it's a bad idea so I took the high road but a friend screen shot one of his posts say "@adora_belly is super unprofessional. No wonder her career is where it's at"  it felt degrading taking the high road when he had the nerve to call me unprofessional. After that I deleted all the screen shots I was sending to friends because I didn't want to read it over and over thinking I did something wrong when all I did was stand up for myself which now I'm very proud of. Afterwards thinking about it I wondered how many girls he had scammed into giving him money or working with him because he made them feel they were in the wrong. I'm extra glad I didn't fall for it after hearing what physical abuse he's done to others. So disgusting he's been doing it for years.