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I had a shitty shoot with this woman in Florida, Nica Noelle who shoots TS Beauties. She switched the talent I was supposed to shoot with twice and I wound up with a gay guy bragging that he's done over 900 shoots and hasn't been tested.

That woman yelled at me and insulted California porn studios and said I can't get an std from oral. It was one of the shittiest shoots I've done. She yelled at all four of us that day about our checks too. She got nasty with Sunday Valentina- I think that's her name- a Latina sweetheart. We were in Florida, I brought $150 with me since she said everything is covered then when I landed at the airport and she told me to pay for the taxi which was about $115 and an hour to get to the house she used. She then yelled at me for not having a bank account and said I was full of shit and I had more money than I said.

This was hot fucking south Florida summer weather and the house had hardly any AC and with the lights on in that tiny bedroom, I was sweating a lot. The shoot took 11 or 12 hours the first day and 45 minutes the next morning. That's a long time to be on Viagra in a hot ass room with an untested gay guy who wasn't into me. Then she cancelled the second shoot I was gonna do. Also the gay guy she rented the house from told me on Sunday that we're just gay men, not transwomen. The whole thing was a wreck.