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Sydney Farron

This is River. I read your account of what happened with Cxxx1 and I'm so sorry. It's disturbing to see he did this to you and that he could so openly mock someone as established as you in trans porn... it's disheartening to see that. It's ugly, and brutal, and not fair. I believe you and think you deserve so much more respect than that. You're someone who's actively making mainstream content and pushing things forward for new girls, and you've had success too, so this isn't even unprofessional, it's abusive of him to continue contact with you.

My experience with Christian does not include assault, just unfriendly intimidation after I agreed to film with him. I didn't know much about him at the time other than he was one of the three visible mainstream producers, he was liking a lot of pics and saying how he couldn't wait to fuck me, as if we'd ever discussed consent. He wanted me to come film with him in Vegas, to which I agreed. But a few weeks later the day first Femout set came out, before I even had a chance to see it, Cxxx1 DM'd me to say he didn't have use for me and he'd never work with me because I worked with his competitor. This is obviously untrue as many models have appeared on both sites. He called me an idiot, then did a weird stalker-ish dance of blocking me and unblocking me and liking negative comments about me. I don't really know what that was about or why, but it made me aware of him. I've since seen multiple testimonies in which he is verbally and physically abusing someone and asking sex workers for free or incredibly cheap sex. When I tried to call him out for verbally abusing a friend on Fetlife, laughing at hurting her career, I got blocked finally and for good. Your account is one of the worst I've read and I am so upset he thinks he can get away with this. Thank you for putting yourself out there as you do, and for doing great work despite the abuses of the industry on you.

I am naive and foolish and my first year in porn has been rough. I actually tried to reason to myself Grooby was effective and good at keeping abusers out, and maybe Steven was just a salty old man with rough edges buuut I'm seeing blatant tactics of abuse from him. It's becoming clear I was being held back by not having an ideological pass with Steven, as I was getting shoots approved by multiple photographers only to have them cancelled by Steven himself. I brought it to his attention that they'd doxxed a friend, releasing her legal name and email address on her photoshoot, and I was intitially mocked when I brought it up, but then Radius got back in touch to tellĀ  me they fixed it. When Grooby out me on cover a DVD I believed there was mutual interest to continue working together. I was naive in trying to engage Steven in his invitation to discuss an award for black girls, if only because I failed to recognize that of course he's not going to have mature conversation! It feels surreal to be thoroughly blocked by all sites, like I can't ever see 90% of who's nominated for TEAs. As a working model and sex worker, who had aspirations of going to TEAs it feels like it's an attempt to isolate me from community of trans sex workers that are welcome to go to TEAs. It's meant as a block to my career, and it feels personal, not professional. Multiple people keep attacking me for being a social justice warrior, but that's neverrr been my thing it's surreal. Anyways, I hope it was okay to vent that. But I really feel like everything is rigged right now. Why are cis-performers speaking out and being believed, yet this is an echo chamber where we're being called crazy by the abusers? That's actually maddening.