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Sydney Farron

About Christian:

I have the screengrabs on an old hard drive.... but Christian tried to use pressure and industry connections as intimidation to get me to work with him for free and then publicly slammed me a year later about the incident.

I got my boobs in Dec 2014 and he wanted me to do content trade during avn, I explained that I was still healing, still had stitches and couldn’t get my heart rate up and was pretty busy with my schedule for non-Sex things anyway. He got annoyed and pressured, then he said “you know who my girlfriend is, right!?” I took that to mean I’d never get work through his girl if I did not work with him. Then the next avn, out of the blue, Christian tweeted publicly about how I’d probably still come up with lame excuses to not do content with him that year too. 

I have very few people on my no list and Christianxxx is on it because he tried to intimidate me into a free scene when I don’t have anywhere near the level of monetization he has and was unable to perform anyway because of the recovery needed for my surgery. 


About Lily Cade:

I was doing a group content trade that Lilycade invited herself to and basically she took over.

She wanted us to work with other performers who did not have current tests and said that it’s not the same with girls. Umm pathogens don’t care who you are wtf!!!
Anyway eventually I filmed content trade with Lily Cade and while she was performing oral on me she scratched me from my nipple area to my hip it left welts for several days and ruined an upcoming shoot because of her  “passion?” I was not giving her any pleasure so there was no justification to scratch me. 
As a performer she is on my no list but would consider if she was a director or production assistant, her bravado I can handle, but the abuse not so much. 

About Nice:

I have worked for Nice a few times (with her being a director) and on set everything was great. I love the movies and had a fine time, everyone treated me well and everyone else was treated well. I would work for sweetheart Video again in a second. 

Most of my experience with Nica is her booking me and then cancelling and as an out of state performer that really hurts. 
But when she told me she cannot hire me anymore because a fan from France tweeted with me often. I confronted her on how unfair that is to me as a professional and how my reputation speaks for itself. She did not care about those details and told me publicly on twitter that because I tweet with a FAN she doesn’t like our business relationship is over.

It makes me sad.

About Chris Strokes:

I scheduled a content trade with chris strokes and as soon as I walked in the door his camera guy Donny Cabo started trying to get me to do the scene with him, repeatedly pressuring me. I politely stood up for my self and stuck with the original plan. Then Chris comes down and says it should be an anal day and tries to get me to do exxtasy with them so that I’d have less control. I did not want to do anal and his disappointment was felt throughout the room. It was never discussed before hand and I had not worked with him before and did not want to take the hour and a half it takes for me to be ready for anal. After we started the scene things weren’t much different -during the sex the camera guy continued to pressure me to let him fuck me and at one point I had to raise my voice that no I was not going to have sex with him that day at all. Worse than the pressure that the camera guy was putting on me, was that Chris had trouble performing and possibly orgasmed on the floor while giving oral, and his difficulty frustrated him. When I was on top riding him, Chris strokes threw me off of him roughly and grit his teeth in frustration and said aggressively “this isn’t working” then stomped away and slammed his fist on the nearby counter. We shut off the camera as that happened and tried to cool the situation down. Everyone was uncomfortable because of his outburst. We finished the scene in a lack luster fashion and I was happy to leave. I sent him my external hard drive to transfer the content and after months of lies (i already mailed it, it’s broken, I’ll meet you at Starbucks, standing me up at Starbucks, I mailed it again, it doesn’t work, etc) all on screen grabs and voice mail, I finally got a digital copy which was already edited to their style of scene but it has been over a year and I will never get my hard drive back. Even if he broke it, he should still return it to me.

 And I have a friend who was new to the industry and he got her to do more than the original scene and got her to do double anal for his content and she hadn’t even done that stuff yet. Which is obviously none of my business except that I know how my experience was and can imagine that her’s started much the same as mine. 

So yeah Chris Strokes is on my no list. 

About Mis Berlin:

I did flat rate findom scene work for Ms Berlin, I was happy with the experience and they loved the content. 

Then she got upset that I was not retweeting the findom scenes to my audience. I retweet quality xxx or fetishized work that is not findom because findom is my main jam and it’s technically different than other fetishized scenes, because the end goal is for the viewer to send me money. And this would be confusing to my audience, because they would think I am benefitting from her brand Beta Male Training. 
Then two fans contacted me expecting time and attention from me because they had purchased stuff off of Ms Berlin’s wishlist and asked me how I liked the gift. I explained to the fan and then let Ms Berlin know that the niteflirt customers were confused by her business model and that it was coming back to me. 

For this she told me in email and publicly on twitter (which she deleted after I took a screengrab) that she was going to blackball me in true industry and that no one would hire me after she got word to them. 

Ms Berlin is on my no list for toxic intimidation 

Amber Chase