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Sydney Farron

Rad Rascal constantly made comments that made me feel uncomfortable, but kept justifying it by saying he was “too old to do anything” so he was harmless. One time I shot with him, he “surprised me” with an anal hook, and threw a bit of a fit when I wouldn’t use it--and for the same rate. For the same rate. I was doing anal stuff at the time, but you still don’t throw that on people (especially if you’re going to try to make them feel bad for not doing it). He tried to cheat me on time before as well.

Lewis Andy, another photographer I met on Model Mayhem (but he may later have been banned), constantly tried to push my limits. He kept asking for me to give him a handjob, and when I refused he would tell me I should just “ask my boyfriend”. Like he owned me. It was MY decision not to. That wasn’t the only thing he pushed me to do.He kept asking if I would suck a dildo he would have sticking out of his pants. He would not accept no for an answer, and just kept pushing. I refused every time, but he never let it go. He was not supposed to touch me, but one time when I was self tied grinding on a vibrator for a video for him, he grabbed the vibrator and forced it into me. I worked with him again after that because I really needed the money, but it’s something I regret.

There was another photographer as well, but I don’t remember the name he went under. He apparently changes names all the time, and immediately deleted his account after shooting me. During our shoot, he grabbed my panties without asking and sniffed them. I almost walked off then, but then I would have had to put up with him for no money at all. ALL of the model mayhem photographers had at least three references. This is why I stopped working with people off of modelmayhem, and only work with people I have worked with before who I know are safe, or professional porn shoots where I feel much safer. I have, however, had two incidents in porn.

My boundaries were crossed once on set with Lily Cade where she bit me so hard she broke the skin (without any discussion beforehand) leaving a massive bruise when I had upcoming shoots. She also was fingering me so roughly to the point where it was painful, and when we cut I told her that. Her response? “Yeah I could tell it hurt”. She could tell it hurt and continued to do it. Lily Cade has done FAR worse to other people, both on and off set, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

On the set of Psychothriller (a shoot I hated the entirety of), the director tried to push me to have sex on camera with him despite him not having a full test, and despite him not being on my call sheet. I also didn’t realize it would be five FULL shoots in one day, and felt completely ripped off. That's the one set I really wish I had walked off of.