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Sydney Farron

I first started making amateur content a little over a year ago, probably before I even had 500 followers on Twitter, Christian found me and messaged me on twitter asking me to come to Vegas to shoot. I knew nothing about the mainstream business and messaged a few other models who have worked with him and heard nothing bad back from the 1 or 2 who replied but I had bad taste in my mouth about him messaging me, someone who isnt established at all. I put shooting with him off because I had anxiety about it and I try to trust my gut.

I went ahead and followed him on twitter and constantly saw him bickering and complaining on twitter. Sometimes vague tweets and sometimes directly at models. I wish I still had some of the screenshots that made me block him but the two things that stick in my memory was him pondering why someone wouldnt just shoot with him if they needed money and him telling transgender talent that they should never share photos of them pre-transition because it will push fans/customers away and that would be a stupid business move. I disagreed with him about the latter. I either tweeted at him or DMed him that there are plenty of people that are interested in seeing that and that it should be up to the individual and no one should be shamed or mocked for it. He continued to disagree, citing how long he's worked in the business and how much knowledge he has of what is profitable. I let it go. He DMed me to ask me when we were going to shoot and I blew him off. 

Shortly after getting really put off by those two twitter tantrums, he threw another and I chose to block him. He's very insistent that if people need money, they must shoot with him and if they dont want to then they must not really need the money or they're stupid. He also obviously preys on people who are new to the industry and havent seen him be a douche on twitter yet (because he deletes them after he's done having his fun winding people up and causing drama) or heard the whispers. Im really happy to see people coming forward, we need to stop whispering and talk openly about toxic behavior.

* I hate to email you back to back but if you add my little spill to your post about him, maybe just add a note at the end adding on this: I don't think I expressed very well in my first email that he was incredibly pushy with me about shooting. When I put off shooting with him the first time, it was my polite way of saying no. He argued with me on twitter and then DMed to try to push me to shoot again, as though I would want to shoot with a condescending know-it-all who clearly doesn't understand boundaries. He is just very insistent and pushy. I was having a lot of financial trouble in the first 6 months of me making content which I expressed on twitter so I think I was one of those people he trash talks about for not just working with him, even though we dont want to, for the money. His generally pushy nature screams predator to me. I'm very glad that I never shot with him. Im so sorry to those who have come forward about him actually physically assaulting them and to those who have not and are dealing with their experience quietly. Lets not let that happen to anyone else.