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Sydney Farron

(I'll start the ball rolling with my own experiences.)

Incident 1.

I was sexually abused in my home in Arlington, TX. by Christian XXX.

On the night of December 31st. 2011 at around 8pm, Christian XXX came to my apartment. We were to drive together to a shooting location a few miles away from where I live.

I had hired him a few weeks prior through an email exchange to perform in a scene for my old website, for the sum of $300.

I let him into my home as I was preparing for our shoot; finishing my makeup, collecting my costume, production gear, etc.

I was upstairs in my two story loft. Christian XXX was downstairs hanging out with my camera man, waiting for me to finish getting ready.

A few minutes pass when Christian comes up the stairs to my bedroom. I had finished my makeup and was touching up my hair when he came up behind me and started putting his hands all over me. He spun me around, grabbed my ass and pulled me in close. He instantly started making out with me.

I was dumb struck and very uncomfortable. I was trying to get ready for a professional shoot, there were no cameras, we weren't on set and I gave no indication that I wanted to do anything sexual with him before our scene was to commence.

I had hired him of my own volition as he was a known name in the business, the first "star" I had ever worked with. He is imposing in stature and I was naive about abuse in the adult entertainment industry.

As he groped and kissed me, I immediately rationalized that this was simply part of "the business" when dealing with a true "professional", that this was how the game was played. I pulled away when I thought he had gotten enough, but was pulled back repeatedly.

He finally relented once I insisted that we had a schedule to maintain.

I gathered my things and went downstairs. I put it out of my mind as best I could and resolved to complete our work. I wanted to tell my cameraman, a very good friend of mine, but felt helpless. I had paid for Christian XXX's performance, written a script, rented a location, paid my camera man and had planned this particular scene weeks in advance.

I was afraid if I had said anything to anyone, they would say, "What's the problem? You were gonna have sex on film with him anyway."

We arrived to the set, ran over our lines and began shooting the scene. I forged ahead and did the scene. I wanted to show that I wasn't rattled and that I could shoot a scene at the same professional level a star of his experience would be accustom to. Although I prepared and produced the scene to the best of my ability, in a timely fashion I was berated by Christian XXX for trying to hard. He was very pushy to get to the sex scenes. I wound up clipping half of my script and storyboards and improving much of the scene in order to get through the experience with as little hassle as possible.

Once the scene was finished, Christian XXX seemed satisfied. I didn't want to end the experience on an awkward note so after a little small talk, I offered him another part for a horror movie I was working on that I planned on filming the next year in Los Angeles, CA. He thought it'd be a fun experience and agreed to take the roll. We parted ways.

Incident 2.

Christian XXX tried to extort sex from my girlfriend.

During the third week of February, 2013 I was driving around Los Angeles, CA with my then girlfriend, Eva Cassini.

I received a text message from Christian XXX. He wanted to know If I was free to get together and shoot a scene. I said that it would be the perfect time to shoot his footage for the horror movie roll he accepted the year before, (paid roll and easy footage to shoot only taking about four hours of his time.)

He took about 10 minutes to reply. Once he did, he asked if I was with Eva and whether or not she would be able to shoot a scene with him for trade, (free.) I asked her and she said no, she was sore from a recently completed scene and unless it was a paid shoot she wanted to go ahead and take the next couple of days off.

Christian XXX did not like this. Christian argued that stockpiling content for her new website was much more important for her brand than waiting for paid work. I restated that she wasn't available for trade work. I asked again if he was still interested in shooting he and I's previously agreed upon scene, (remember I'd be paying HIM for his work.) He took another 10 minutes to respond before he sent a text saying that if he couldn't fuck Eva, he didn't think he'd have time to shoot for me.

Eva and I looked at each other and vowed never to work with or for Christian ever again.

Incident 3.

I tried to make amends, Christian XXX gets creepy.

During the Summer of 2015 I thought holding a grudge against Christian XXX was unhealthy for me. I sent him a public Tweet telling him that I'd like to forgive him if he was willing to speak privately. He spent no time sending me a DM. I told him of my grievances, he apologized. I told him that I didn't want to go my whole life being angry at anyone and that even though we could make amends, I had no intentions of working with him again.

He agreed. A few minutes later, I receive another DM from Christian XXX. He said, "So when are we gonna do another scene together?"

Save for a few random text messages where he sent what I'm sure he thought were snarky, intimidating remarks, I have cut all ties with him. Blocked his number from my phones and all social media accounts that I am aware of.