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Sydney Farron

Asking about shooting for Christian in a local Vegas group chat ended up getting me kicked out after half the people defended him and half shared terrible stories.

Would like my name blurred if abyth8bg posted. 

He shares the same copy and paste harassing messages about just trying to put money in our pockets, $150 for a handjob scene that takes 10 minutes and 25 photos. He said how being without an agency can be tough and since I won't shoot for him he will blacklist me with femdomempire, his gf lexi sindel runs it. The creepiest part was my rebuttle and denial kept him interested saying how he's attracted to the sass and attitude.

Whether you are bbw, trans, cos, or POC he will try to belittle and make you feel like shit. Has a hard grip on those who have worked with him when desperate for money. 

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