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Sydney Farron

I don't think we've ever spoken, but I'd like to help you with your work exposing Christian for being an absolute predatory, rapey, cunt.

Christian messaged me on Twitter and I gave him my phone number one day after my first scene was released by Grooby (he scouts his competition but condemns them for doing the same).  We discussed me coming out to Las Vegas to shoot two scenes, vers, and he would pay for my flight, luggage, food, hotel, and of course the booking fee.  Christian low-balled me on the booking fee, 600.00, for two bareback hardcore scenes, which I did agree to because I was unsure if Grooby would want to book me again.  I wish I had waited, but this was my decision and I did agree to it.  Christian booked my flights and my plane ended up being delayed by five hours.  This wasn't his fault however he did message me frequently to see where I was despite the fact he could track the flight.  During an extended layover in Denver he called me to check on me.  I asked where I would be staying the next two days at as I had a few dates lined up and I didn't know which hotel I'd be at yet.  He proceeded to tell me that every hotel in Vegas was booked full due to a convention/conference and that he was unable to procure a room for me.  But! Good news (for him), his girlfriend was out of town and I could stay in the guest bedroom of his house for my time there.  Because, you know, the hotel space in Vegas is severely limited when compared to other cities, hardly enough to go around...During this phone call I was adamant about not staying at his house as this is not what we agreed to.  I booked a hotel on the phone call with him and told him so.  He was upset that I would do this as it didn't make sense to him.  The hotel cost me about 240.00 for two nights.  Christian picked me up from the airport and had trouble finding me.  He bitched about my inability to read signs causing a delay in us meeting.  Because of his attitude I called him into where I was standing in the airport and had him read the sign I was under.  He dropped the subject when he realized that, surprisingly, I could read.  We got into his car and he immediately tried kissing me, french kissing me.  I pulled away and he took me to my hotel (that I had to pay for).  There, after a god damn ten hour flight that should have been 5 hours max, he explained that he needed to film a "teaser" for the videos.  I declined because I looked and felt like hell.  He kept persisting and I relented, at no time was I told that this "teaser" would be sold, he described in such a way that it seemed very much like a trailer for the scenes.  I, of course, received no compensation for this.  He left and told me when he'd come by to pick me up to go to his place.  He left and I went to bed.  I got ready and twenty minutes before he was supposed to pick me up he texted me and said he'd be an hour later than he said.  In the car he gave me some type of Chinese viagra which I declined, he forced me to take it.  Surprise, it had no effect on me.  We finally get to his place and Damien (the camera/videographer, thank god for him), was not there yet.  I proceeded to change into my first outfit while we waited for Damien to arrive.  During this wait Christian approached me again, grabbed me by the waist and tried making out with me.  I pushed away and told him that I wasn't interested in doing anything I wasn't hired for, and that I would wait for Damien.  Christian said, "It wouldn't kill you to be affectionate."  To which I replied, "I will be when we start filming."  Christian walked away and was distant and sulky for the majority of the day.  I gave him my STI test which he spent all of two seconds looking at before he handed it back to me and showed a PDF file of what he said was his STI test.  Before signing the releases I had Christian add the 50.00 for the checked bags he didn't pay for in advance.  He agreed and we proceeded on with filming.

We shot the first scene and I was rather pissed at this point.  I was uncomfortable whenever Christian kept doing a sex act when we weren't filming and he was visibly jilted when I used porn on my phone to get hard for him.  I'm into younger guys, toned guys, and young men who try not to fuck me over in every aspect.  He had me in the most uncomfortable chair in the world for our first scene and when he asked if I could cum I explained no, not in this position, so we skipped having me ejaculate in the first scene, where we're in a bathroom.  I went downstairs and was on my phone, pissed, while Christian was upstairs on his computer, pissed as well.  Damien sensed the obvious tension before the first scene and tried hard to ease it.  I was short with him and only provided one word answers until after the scene.  After the first scene was done Damien struck gold with me when he accidentally got me talking about plants.  We talked most of the time it took Christian to "recharge" and Damien is probably how I got through the second scene.  I cannot say enough good things about Damien, we laughed, we talked about a variety of subjects, and anytime Christian tried to add in the conversation I focused on Damien.

During the second scene Christian suggested the context be that we were together and that we were now breaking up.  He told me my job was to act as pissed at him as I could.  I started laughing because there would be no acting required there.  We began that scene and throughout this scene Christian took many things too far and did things I never agreed to; slapping, choking, a-2-m.  I'd prefer not to mention everything he did, but one thing that angered me quite a bit was the choking.  The universal sign to ease up on choking is a tap, I tapped Christian several times and he didn't stop choking me.  My biggest regret out of all of this wasn't razing his eyes to the back of their sockets with my nails at this time.  I came and we were done with that scene.  Christian paid me, tossed me the 600.00 for booking, the 50.00 for the checked bags, and then 100 for the hotel (not even half of what he said he'd cover in full), and 20.00 for the cab fare to the airport, the fare was 40.00.  All in all I came out barely ahead in the endeavor.  Christian didn't pay half of the hotel, he paid for no food whatsoever, and he paid just under half for the cab back to the airport which he had promised to drive me to.  This was in Spring of 2015.

Sporadically throughout 2015 and 2016 Christian would ask or talk about me coming back out.  I always used a vague yet polite response back.  These are included as screenshots, and well as our lovely exchange this year.  In 2016 I needed a surgery to have a muscle fixed, after that I lost tissue in my breasts and had to have them redone.  I did and afterwards Christian asked if I would want to do a scene with him again.  I told him I was unsure.  I then decided to quit and announced my retirement from the industry.  As a courtesy I sent Christian a message letting him know what I had decided.  Christian then ridiculed me for not taking his money, 1000 is not enough for me to fuck him again, it's not that I don't understand the basics of money/income/investing, it's that 1000 is not worth my dick going in his old ass again.  I swear that part of his rectum would pull out with my dick with every thrust.  I explained to Christian that I did indeed understand what I was doing and that I didn't like him.  I told him he knew this and that we even based the second scene off this fact.  

If you decide to use this, I want you to keep this part in, if not highlighted.  Grooby was amazing.  I never felt uncomfortable working for them and it was Omar with Grooby who kept me in the business after me scenes with Christian.  I was set on quitting if it hadn't been for his kindness and professionalism.  I did not get his permission to share this, but I wanted you to see what Omar sent me with no prompt whatsoever.  He sent me this message before I could message him and I think it's a perfect example of the type of people Grooby uses compared to Christian.  

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